Cleaningness is godliness, said Father Nation Mahatma Gandhi our culture promotes cleaningness and we take our moto of ‘Swach Bharat’ to the people and promote our culture. We organise ” Swachta Bharat Abhiyan ” in various location of India.
    In such programmc we spread awareness about Importance of Cleanliness & Hygiene. Our volunteers help in removing the garbage & advice people to keep surroundings clean.
    One of the objective of ‘Maa Shakti’ is Swasth Bharat to achieve this objective ‘MAA SHAKTI’ regularly organizes Complete free Health Checkup camps all over India.
    During these camps tips & lectures on preventive Health care, are organized, Free . Medicines, spactacle and other appliances are distrubited. Disease specifics programs are organised from time to time where specialist are invited to advice the public.
    “MAA SHAKTI” Holds camps to give moral and civic education to the youth of our country. We believe in giving “good Sanskar” to our youth to love & take care of youngsters respect & protect the women and care & Respect elders.
    Swach , swastha & Susanskrit Bharat is = sashakt , Bharat. We motivate our youth to engage in productive activity and work for the development of country. For this we engage youth in fruit full activites like education and sports. We impart skill development to provide employment opurtunities .’
    MAA SHAKTI’ believes if the goal of 150 million people of the India is one which is country’s development no prower on earth can stop india form becoming and economic supper power of the world.